Flower Of Life

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Height 15 cm
Width 15 cm
Weight 0.5

It is the quintessential form of sacred geometry. It is a very ancient symbol found in all cultures of the world: From Tibet to Egypt, from Ireland to China and Japan.
Leonardo Da Vinci drew "The Vitruvian Man" inside.
The flower of life is a geometric circuit that increases the energies exponentially.
The important thing is to always place it with a point facing upwards.

It can be used wherever you feel the need to increase harmony and correct the energy of places, homes, workplaces, etc.

It is also useful for crystallizing water, which through the purification water network or in the bottling processes, initially pure and uncontaminated, is deprived of its vibration and its biophysical characteristics, becoming energetically poor. Studies by researchers and scientists have shown that water is a precious vehicle of information, a sort of liquid magnetic tape capable of recording the energy information it receives from the environment in a very sensitive way.

The use of ancient symbols, music, words or phrases, allows to transfer a specific energetic vibration to the water and finally to the body, which, being made up of about 70% water, further benefits.